"Shtal HaTamar LTD. delivers mechanical Street Cleaning machines and mechanical Road Sweeping and Road Sweepers services.





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Shtal HaTAmar is an approved Road Sweeper Manufacturer by the Israeli Ministry of Transport and Road Safety ! We are authorize to mount Road Sweeping Systems on Trucks, used trucks, or New Trucks.  As well as renewal and upgrading exisiting Sweeping Sysytems.


Our Truck-Mounted Road Sweepers comply with the latest European Toxic Emission standard EURO 6, Issued by  European Union directives (2014,  with respect to emissions from light passenger and commercial vehicles - 715/2007/EC )


Among our customers: The Israeli National Roads Company, Municipalities, Roads Developers, Industrial Park,  Commercial Parks, Plants & Factories, etc.

Our Vision:

To establish our company as leader in the Road Sweeping and Street Sweepers industry, in terms of quality, service, effficiency and to deliver the highest value to our customers, using updated and cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission:

To service our customers, and offer them hi-end professional Road Sweeping and Street Sweepers services. This is why we thrive to have hi-end Road Sweeping Machines.  We are constantly scanning the industry.

Furthermore, we had developed our propietary Truck-Mounted Road Sweeping Machine, so we can offer improved functionality to our customers.


Our Sevices

Shtal-HaTamar LTD. 

delivers mechanical cleaning sevices of roads, pavements, and urban spaces, using modern road sweeping veichles.

We use all sizes of road sweepers, from mini sweepers to large truck-mounted road sweepers. 




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Our Customers

We supply professional road-sweeping and mechanical road-cleaning services to:


MA'ATZ's Contructors - The Israeli National Roads Company LTD.


Roads Developers

Commercial Parks

Industrial Parks

Real Estate Developers

Plants & Factories

Public Events Producers



Our Business Opportunities


Shtal HaTamar engages in the following business activities:


  • Importing and representing manufacturers of mechanical road sweepers
  • Importing and representing manufacturers of Clean-Tech technologies
  • Importing trucks, to be mounted with mechanical sweeping systems
  • Importing mechanical sweeping systems
  • Importing accessories for mechanical sweeping systems, e.g. brushes etc.

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